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, transportation officials are pleading with commuters to use public transportation. many already made the decision yesterday. >> definitely not commuting tomorrow. it's not worth it if. >> northern virginia still dealing with 100 traffic signals out. more than half the traffic signals in montgomery county have been out for the entire weekend. at least 400 were still in the dark as of last night. the government is urging state workers to stay off the roads to stay home. many downed trees and power lines still blocking roads in gaithersburg and silver spring and rockville. officials have lifted the hov restrictions on interstate 270 and 66. at connecticut avenue you have to treat these intersections as four-way stops. you have to help out the police. for example, on connecticut avenue, the far lanes are being used as a two-way traffic because all the southbound lanes are closed. be careful. you have two-way traffic, something that's not familiar on connecticut avenue. more than 400 traffic signals still out this morning. john gonzalez reporting, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. maybe your best option
us he and his partner jumped out of a taxicab early sunday morning a couple blocks from their home. they started walking up the sidewalk when three men approached. the victim knew immediately this was a hate crime. michael, one of the victims says he believes the act of holding hands with his partner provoked a brutal attack. >> we were just walking down the street last night and guys came out of nowhere and attacked us. they knocked us to the ground and we tried to defend ourselves. >> a gang of young men started spewing case letters and slashed a 29-year-old yoga instructor to the ground shattering bones in his face. the other young man took some hits trying to protect his partner as well. >> its my worst nightmare coming true. >> a woman came running from her home and yelled at the assailants. the suspect ran off. the man's loved one believes she. may have saved his she >> if it was not for her who knows what would have happened. she knows how grateful we are if she's watching the news. >> we understand michael hall. is recovering in hospital after undergoing surgery. as for the
brown behind us, a lot of damage this morning. >> thank you for that report. are following the latest in the campaign scandal surrounding d.c. mayor vincent gray. a former campaign worker is expected to plead guilty in of a funnelling funds. brianne carter is at the court with the latest. > eugenia harris, a pr to plead, is expected guilty. we know, she is not the first make an appearance from to the 2010 ties campaign. say they are fed up. donor inarris, a who handledker communications for vincent run, as expected in court this morning. harris is facing charges for skirt campaign finance laws by using straw donors to contribute money to his and federal candidates and reimbursing the donors to cover it up. >> i want a city i can be proud of. i want a place where i can say my leaders. i do not feel that way right now. >> they look like we do not have any trust in them anymore. is the latest in the scandal in the district. earlier this year, others pleaded guilty. one city council member says this may not be over yet. >> we have to clean it up and people have to realize there is problem
possible. most of us will remain dry. >> we had one accident eastbound 66 after the exit for the plains. metrorail starting on normal service systemwide. nothing complicated on 270. travel times working for us on virginia and in maryland washington and baltimore. now back to natasha and steve. >> the man arrested in the movie shooting in colorado has back to court this morning. james holmes is expected to be formally charged. cameras will not be allowed in .he courtroom this time >> formal filing charges. prosecution is expected the hammer on james holmes. at his arraignment, he could face hundreds of charges included 12 counts of first- degree murder. and also reckless endangerment for the explosives found in his apartment. >> i do not care what the motive was. i want to see justice. >> she said she will be in the .ourt room she was shot several times. >> it was because of stress and trauma. >> many buried their loved ones over the weekend. at the center of this investigation is a notebook that school.ent to the >> a psychologist or psychiatrist may pose a threat states they are obliga
-- >> the irony is pepco has a request for a rate increase. >> residents in the district tell us in the past several months pepco has been cutting down and cutting back trees to try to stop this from happening. those same residents say they are very frustrated because even though some of the trees have been cut, the power is still not on. reporting live in northwest, jummy olabanji. >> outages creating a domino effect as many traffic lights are still out of. that makes the commutes' even longer and more frustrating for drivers. john gonzalez is in bethesda with more on that part of the story. >> it is truly remarkable how dark it is in bethesda maryland. this is old georgetown. rd. and democracy georgetown you know how busy this intersection usually is. it is dark for miles in each direction. more than 250 dark corners in montgomery county. >> i don't think anyone is accustomed to seeing this unless there has been a tornado. >> hundreds of tracks and signals out and some at major intersections, still in the dark -- hundreds of traffic signals. thousands of pounds of broken trees and utility
bridge. travel times working for us in virginia. nothing complicated heading south of town towards the wilson bridge. metro rail on normal service. newschopper 7 and a little while. >> we will start on the hill. a bill that has been criticized by some of the top leaders in washington and heads to the house for a vote today. would ban abortion in the district after 20 weeks of pregnancy. jummy olabanji is joining us with the latest details. >> good morning. eleanor holmes norton says that this bill is a direct attack on d.c. and a direct attack on role versus wade. the congresswoman says the reason the bill has been written to apply to women in the district is because those who support the bill do not want to draw national attention and she says they want to get support from a republican majority in the house. she says house leadership has chosen a for procedure votes that would minimize public scrutiny. it would be in brought under suspension of the rules would limit debate to only 20 minutes per side and prevent any sort of amendment. says the bill would not just affect d.c. women
in the 2009 crash of air france flight 447. learn excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing,uc the square sunnyd bottle. >> welcome back. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. starting with adam caskey. >> we are attracting hot conditions outside. another day near 100. still very unfortunate for everybody without power, because the heat wave does not look like it will break until probably early next week by monday. then temperatures will level out and close to normal for this time of year. let's take a look get the numbers. 80 la plata right now 76 in germantown, leesburg is 71. 74 and centreville, 73 in winchester. highs in the upper 90s again today. probably a few locations across our viewing area will hit 100. 100 is within reach daily through saturday. slight chance of thundershowers later today, 30% chance. hot and humid tomorrow with sunny skies, and another heat advisory again tomorrow. we have a heat advisory in effect today. 100 degrees or more on saturday. 88 by monday. not bad. now to steve. >> crossing the 14th street bridge int
there were numerous gunshot wounds and they have recovered the gun used in this incident. those are breaking details just into abc. >> we do want to let everybody know what's going on. there has been a mass shooting at a movie peter just outside denver colorado in aurora, colorado. abc news has confirmed the police say that there are 10 fatalities and at least 20 injured, a gunman acting along a, opening fire in two movie theaters, numbers eight and nine at the"the dark knight rises" premiere. >> there were huge crowds for the movie all across the country. no one anticipated anything like this happening. they found explosive device. this has been confirmed by authorities. the suspect is in custody. sounds like he was a lone wolf but he did work alone. they are not clear as to whether it was planted in the theater whether this was premeditated, or whether this was actually thrown into the crowd sometime after the movie began. a dark crowded room obviously. >> clayton, are you still on the phone? >> yes, this will be a massive response and investigation, no doubt. there is an fbi task force ma
for us. >> this morning, police on the scene. a tree-cutting crew. the road is still closed. this accident happened just before 7:00 last evening. the driver was sitting in traffic when the tree came crashing down. georgetown pike has been shut down for hours while crews work on removing the massive tree that paint a black mercedes. the driver was killed on impact. >> the tree was on his head. all you could see was the neck and the shoulders and the pink shirt. >> the tree was old and rotted. this morning, it is still unclear why it fell across the road. a site that witnesses will never forget. >> it was too late. all you heard was a big crash. >> day response turn from rescue to recover. the tree was almost 6 feet in diameter. fairfax police say the victim was a man in his 60's. >> we do not see this in the absence of severe weather. >> the victim has not been identified. fairfax county police tell us that they will try to open at least one lane here on georgetown pike for the morning rush hour, but then they will close to it again as cleanup continues. >> thanks so much. i
why you could lose service today. why you could lose service today. >> keep up with us on excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. >> good morning, washington. 5:10. we have a couple things highway. on the george washington parkway, back, a tree has come down on spout run -- northbound . you have to exit on memorial circle and take the bridge into town. the crew with the chainsaw has arrived. this will not be a very quick us.uver for this is the 14th street bridge. we see quite traffic heading into town. but damp roadsc because of the rain showers. strong and severe storms last night. weatherunsettled with storm chances , especially south of today.ton later the heaviest rain is in the andandle of west virginia manassas. that is moving east towards the beltway. 87 this afternoon. daily star and chances and theeratures will be down in 80-degree range. prices are up again. >> the national average price is a $3.38. that is up 5 cents from just a .eek ago the average in d.c. is now $3.54 . >> a close call at a gas station oh
side. glad you are with us on this morning, july 27. i am steve chenevey. >> i am natasha barrett, in for simpson. let's check the weather with adam caskey. to the century mark yesterday at reagan national. be in the mid 90's today, but it will feel like over 100. there's a heat advisory in effect for some parts of our viewing area. first, 71 in leesburg this morning, 74 in oxon hill. a few sprinkles far to the west. there's a heat advisory and of i-95. east scattered lateday storms expected. >> overnight construction has been put to bed. looks good between frederick and the beltway. no issues to report a long 95 in and out of baltimore. a good trip all the way around the beltway, the greenway, the toll road. 66, 95, 395, if nothing to add travel.your news. >> police are searching for a attacked a female jogger --the capital garrison trail capitol crescent real. >> the 27-rolled was jogging toward georgetown around 9:00. at 00 he choked her and when she woke up, and her pants were pulled down and she had been sexually assaulted. >> she screamed for help and the fled on foot toward
place. the roads are still closed. across town, residents are using some paulist -- using sump pumps to get storm water and sewer water out of their basements >> . very scary when yo look at the size of the trees coming down. >> the intersection of utah and tennyson is blocked after a tangled mess of power lines and tree branches came down. on mobile and, more flooded basements and a second sewage backup. >> needing to replace my sofa. >> a lot of headaches now. all this will be huge to clean up. >> you can see crews are here once again looking at the damaged trees and power lines on the street. the residents say they have put in a number of complaints through the years about these trees. they say pepco recently told them they were waiting for the city for approval. john gonzalez reporting. >> hundreds of thousands of pepco customers in the dark, the montgomery county council will hold a debriefing today on the utility poles response at 12:30 this afternoon in the third floor council hearing room on maryland ave. in rockville at the council office building. we will talk to one commun
the young victim went under water and never came back up. search and rescue used boats and helicopters with infrared equipment and a high-powered lights. 80 minutes later he was found under the bonds which is about four feet deep. cpr was performed at the scene. he was then rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. the exact age and identity of the boy has not been released. we understand investigators will be back out here to try to figure out exactly what happened. reporting live in laurel, john gonzalez. >> thanks so much. several families are wondering what is next after fire destroyed their homes in prince george's county. the flames swept through the apartment last night on rochelle avenue in district heights. brianne carter is there with reaction from residents. >> as you can hear, they're working to board up some of these apartments that are now vacant. 21 units, 30 residents displaced. tense moments last night. many barely had time to get out. dozens of district heights residents are now looking for new place to call home after a fire ripped through their apart
-- flooded several houses leaving basement's filled with water and sewage. john gonzalez joins us with more on this. >> it has been a challenging month, to say the least, for many d.c. residents. first of the power went out and now a major flooding. thousands of gallons of storm water and in some cases, raw sewage, covering everything in basements several inches deep and the smell is unbearable. >> we need some help. can't nodobdy sleep in their house like this. it was all messed up. >> firefighters tell us this is the result of the hard rain coming down so fast. it was too much for this to worse to handle. more than a dozen houses were under water and this morning the task of the cleanup resumes. >> what do you think for your neighbors? >> i feel sorry for them. >> firefighters have been pumping out the waste but some have decided to stay elsewhere. >> it smells awful. like something was dead. it is horrible. at this moment, we are getting ready to go somewhere. >> this morning is a race against time as mildew tries to set in and many residents say it is not the first time this type of flo
-270. >> we are looking at a quiet start to our friday morning. a few showers off to the west of us across the shenandoah valley and the potomac highland. harrisonburg culpeper, you will have the best chance to see showers over the next hour or so. in west virginia that is where it is raining a bit more at this hour. this is the best chance for showers, mainly west of d.c. today with highs approaching the mid-80's. the wind out of the southeast at 5 miles to 10 m.p.h. the heat and the humidity will be back tomorrow. what the forecast in much more details, but first, back to you. >> we will get started with a developing story involving first lady michelle obama. a d.c. police officer who has worked with the white house is under investigation this morning accused of making threatening comments about her. live now with the latest. >> what have we learned? >> the police officer who allegedly made these comments is a motorcycle officer sometimes assigned to the first lady. someone who was designedassigned to a special unit like that should not be making comments like this. >> when you s
with emergency provided the who initial care. >> the patients have been to stories. guy covered another woman his friend'sts for fiancee. >> it puts life and prospective. are all blessed to be here. >> the broncos say they are the fact that the patients they met absent positive attitudes. stay with abc 7 news and [unintelligible] and for the latest. no way paused to remember its own shooting tragedy. a year ago yesterday, 69 people died in a shooting spree and an youth retreat and eight bombing in the capital. norway posted prime minister of theead the side lanterns and floors were placed in water. a trial for suspect anders breivik ended last month. verdict to be announced in the next few weeks. >> the n.c.a.a. this morning is expected to announce againstented penalties school'se for the of a child sex abuse involving former assistant coach jerry sandusky. jummy olabanji is live this morning with the latest details. >> good morning. a source familiar with the case state will be hit with than $30 million. that might not be all. sources say penalties against state are likely to
and eventually bring us more heat and humidity for the upcoming weekend. mostly to partly sunny for today. can't rule out a shower south and west of the d.c. metro. high temperature is 85-90 degrees. a full look at your extended outlook coming up. but fist, traffic. >> traffic out of springfield to get into tyson at the little river turnpike, the center of the road is blocked. southbound out of frederick into montgomery county, we have travel times normal on 66 and metro rail on normal service. now the news. >> thanks lisa. 5:01. a dangerous night on the road. the inner loop of the beltaway now open after a deadly accident. >> there was a two-car crash between georgia avenue in silver spring maryland. four people were taken to the hospital. one died. the victim's name has not been retioned. also new this morning. take a look at this. investigators say this man shot and wounded a cab triver. he hailed a cab at the carolton metro station and asked to go to cooper elementary school. there was a brief struggle and the cabby was shot in the leg. he is expected
. >> good morning, washington. it's friday, july 6. glad you are with us. i am steve chenevey. >> i am steve chenevey. we begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first, meteorologist adam caskey. more heat. >> today into the weekend. but the weather pattern will shift. may be below average for high temperatures by next week. mid 80's. let's look at temperatures now. 73 in berkeley springs, 77 in winchester fredericksburg and 80 degrees. 81 in lking george, 82 in lorton. mostly sunny conditions, 100 degrees, feeling hotter. tomorrow, 102 degrees and maybe warmer air by the afternoon. slight chance of storms tomorrow, better chance on sunday. not a washout. now to steve. >> 395 near landmark, at duke street it's moving nicely up to the 14th street bridge and into the district, a smooth ride. hov restrictions are in effect. no problems all the way into town from alexandria and arlington. 270 near 118 in germantown everything looks good. no delays in germantown and all the way to the lane divide and onto the inner loop or outer loop of the beltway. everything is moving well over to the
is outrageous while others tell us they understand. >> a storm like this is unheard of and nobody could predict this. >> that was jummy olabanji reporting. today on the campaign trail, president obama traveling to texas for events in san antonio and austin. this comes as the national urban league says the president may have a tougher time winning virginia, north carolina, and ohio. the black voters turn out false five percentage points below the record levels that helped him to win in 2008. he is expected to speak at the new orleans convention zero weeks from tomorrow. mrs. obama is campaigning in charlottesville as well as fredericksburg on friday one week after her husband's campaign in the battleground states. former president george bush and his wife barbara will not be attending the republican national convention next month. his spokesman says it is because he has trouble getting around. he is confined to a wheelchair. the couple is convinced more than ever now that mitt romney and his wife are needed to help turn the country around. romney plans to campaign in the pittsburgh area today. i
. >> thanks for that. looking at the day ahead, several lawmakers will join the u.s. department of transportation and other agencies, announcing the first ever federal safety standard for rail transit systems nationwide. the safety standards were included in bipartisan legislation signed into law by president obama earlier this month. the national transportation safety board has already identified several areas that could improve safety and oversight, including evacuation and rescue features on railcars. >> prince george's county police need your help finding the missing man. 75-year-old oscar harry washington was last seen yesterday morning in the backyard of his mother's home in bowie. he suffers from high blood pressure and memory loss. call police if you seen him. >> turning to the campaign trail, president obama says that he refuses to apologize for its latest attacks on mitt romney. the center around romney's time at bain capital. abc 7 went one-on-one with president obama. brianne carter is in the newsroom. >> that interview, the president talks about some of his personal
now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> glad you are with us. it's thursday, july 26. i am steve chenevey. >> i am natasha barrett. let's get a check of traffic with lisa baden. >> everything is on normal service for metro rail. marc rail and virginia railway express marching along just fine. no added time on the dulles greenway or toll road. looks good on 66 between centreville and the beltway. 95 is good northbound and southbound between richmond and baltimore. 270 northbound after 109, and 18-wheeler over, northbound traffic stays on the right shoulder to get by. southbound is open. plenty to look at on your way out of frederick. you may want to use 355 said. adam caskey in the weather center. >> around 70 degrees all across the region. 72 in northwest d.c. 70 in germantown. in leesburg, 65. 70 in bowie and 71 la plata. get ready for the swimming pool this afternoon, highs near 100. it will feel like 105-109. heat advisory from noon until 8:00 p.m. slight chance of storms, some of which could become severe. >> thanks so much. police and neighbor
to virginia, in springfield, hov restrictions are lifted. northbound traffic heading toward us. southbound also looks good on this july 4. >> new this morning the investigation under way into an apartment fire that killed a person in southeast washington in the 1600 block of 70. n street john gonzalez is on the scene with more details. >> independence day has gotten off to a tragic start in south the stc as you can see firefighters are still inside the building making sure all the flames are out/ the fire started around 2:00 this morning at the alexander gardens apartments. a number of witnesses called 911 to report an elderly woman was engulfed in flames inside her third floor apartment. the entire unit eventually. was consumed when firefighters arrived, the victim was already deceased. the woman was in her 70's and was very well-liked. she lived here for years and had a number of children and grandchildren. firefighters are trying to figure out how extensive the. damages it appears the fire started in. the kitchen of in. neighbors tell us the power went out to around 8:00 last. night pep
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22